I've defended my PhD thesis!

In September 11 I’ve defended my PhD thesis.

Yesterday, September 21th 2017, I have officially defended my PhD thesis!! It was quite an intense day. The night before there was a huge storm that broke several windows in the university. As a result, the Rector decided to cancel the activities… of course including my defense. And, even worse, one of the members of the jury had to leave right after my defense, so under no circunstance it was possible to move it to a different day. Luckily for me, Mariana del Fresno, my PhD advisor, managed to move all the planets so that I can defend on ADUNCE’s room at the university rectorate. Yes, I defended my thesis in a union, isn’t that great?

My thesis is entitled “Machine learning for ophthalmic screening and diagnostics from fundus images”. You can find its English version here, and the Spanish version here. Yes, I wrote it twice because by the time I was told that submitting it in English was not allowed, it was already finished.

Most of the code of each of the contributions is available on my github profile. Feel free to clone the repositories and experiment with them!

I would like to thank my supervisors, Matthew and Mariana, for guiding me through all this years. I would also like to thank the members of the jury, Prof. Dr. José M. Massa, Prof. Dra. Virginia Ballarin and Prof. Dr. Pablo Granitto, for carefully reading the thesis.

Now I will continue working as a postdoc at PLADEMA, until 2018, when I’m leaving to Vienna to join the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Ophthalmic Image Analysis.

José Ignacio Orlando
José Ignacio Orlando
Assistant Researcher

My research interests include machine learning and computer vision techniques for medical imaging applications, mostly centered in ophthalmology.