We've received a PIP 2021-2023 grant

Our “yatiris++” initiative received a PIP 2021-2023 grant

Our project entitled “yatiris++ - AI for clinical applications” received funding from CONICET as part of the PIP 2021-2023 grants. The grant corresponds to 3-years funding for a total amount of AR$ 1.200.000, that will be used for supporting our research on AI for neuroimaging, ophthalmology and ultrasound. I’m the project leader in this case, and the team is also integrated by Ignacio Larrabide, Alejandro Díaz, Delfina Braggio, Hernán Külsgaard, Camila García, Santiago Vitale and Leandro Rocamora.

José Ignacio Orlando
José Ignacio Orlando
Assistant Researcher

My research interests include machine learning and computer vision techniques for medical imaging applications, mostly centered in ophthalmology.