diabetic retinopathy

retinar was awarded by NVIDIA

Our project "retinar - assisting remote diabetic retinopathy screening with AI tools" was awarded as part of the NVIDIA Applied Research Accelerator Program

We were awarded with a PICT 2019

Our project "Characterization of optic nerve head morphology from color fundus pictures using deep learning" was granted with a PICT 2019

retinar en WOW Innovación

Nuestro proyecto de telemedicina oftalmológica soportada por inteligencia artificial en Canal 8 de Mar del Plata

Our project retinar was awarded by Prendete

retinar was chosen by the public as the most valuable initiative at the start-up contest Prendete 2020.

We were awarded with a JOVIN grant by UNICEN

Our project "Towards a smart platform for remote diabetic retinopathy screening" was granted with AR$ 50.000 by UNICEN