AGE Challenge: Angle Closure Glaucoma Evaluation in Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography

This is the summary publication of the AGE challenge on angle closure glaucoma detection from OCT scans of the anterior segment.

What's next in AI for glaucoma screening? The REFUGE challenge outcomes

I will present some of the conclusions of the REFUGE challenge on glaucoma assessment from fundus pictures, and my personal view on what's still needed to progress towards automated screening of glaucoma from fundus pictures.

Towards a better understanding of glaucoma through fundus photography

Computation and discovery of glaucoma biomarkers from color fundus photographs

REFUGE challenge: A unified framework for evaluating automated methods for glaucoma assessment from fundus photographs

This is the summary publication of the REFUGE challenge on glaucoma detection in color fundus photographs.

Convocatoria para Estudiantes Avanzados de Ingeniería - EVC-CIN 2019

Estamos entrevistando candidatos para aplicar a las becas de estímulo a las vocaciones científicas EVC 2019 del CIN (Consejo Universitario Nacional).

U2-Net: A Bayesian U-Net Model with Epistemic Uncertainty Feedback for Photoreceptor Layer Segmentation in Pathological OCT Scans

Our ISBI paper was selected for oral presentation at the Eye Imaging Analysis session in ISBI 2019. Hope to see you there!

Towards a Glaucoma Risk Index Based on Simulated Hemodynamics from Fundus Images

We designed a method to summarize hemodynamic parameters obtained by 0D simulations so that they can be applied for glaucoma detection. We observed certain correlation between glaucoma and these hemodynamic features.

REFUGE: Retinal Fundus Glaucoma Challenge

I'm joining Yanwu Xu, Huazhu Fu and Hrvoje Bogunović as an organizer of REFUGE, the first retinal fundus glaucoma challenge at MICCAI 2018 in Granada, Spain.

New paper at MICCAI 2018!

Our paper with João Barbosa Breda, Karel van Keer, Matthew B. Blascko, Pablo J. Blanco and Carlos A. Bulant has been accepted for presentation at MICCAI 2018 in Granada, Spain.

Aprendizaje automático para asistencia al diagnóstico de enfermedades visuales basado en imágenes de fondo de ojo (Machine learning for ophthalmic screening and diagnostics from fundus images)

My PhD thesis.