Open Fundus Photograph Dataset with Pathologic Myopia Recognition and Anatomical Structure Annotation


Pathologic myopia (PM) is a common blinding retinal degeneration suffered by highly myopic population. Early screening of this condition can reduce the damage caused by the associated fundus lesions and therefore prevent vision loss. Automated diagnostic tools based on artificial intelligence methods can benefit this process by aiding clinicians to identify disease signs or to screen mass populations using color fundus photographs as inputs. This paper provides insights about PALM, our open fundus imaging dataset for pathological myopia recognition and anatomical structure annotation. Our databases comprises 1200 images with associated labels for the pathologic myopia category and manual annotations of the optic disc, the position of the fovea and delineations of lesions such as patchy retinal atrophy (including peripapillary atrophy) and retinal detachment. In addition, this paper elaborates on other details such as the labeling process used to construct the database, the quality and characteristics of the samples and provides other relevant usage notes.

In Scientific Data.