Recent & Upcoming Talks

What's next in AI for glaucoma screening? The REFUGE challenge outcomes

I will present some of the conclusions of the REFUGE challenge on glaucoma assessment from fundus pictures, and my personal view on what's still needed to progress towards automated screening of glaucoma from fundus pictures.

U2-Net: A Bayesian U-Net Model with Epistemic Uncertainty Feedback for Photoreceptor Layer Segmentation in Pathological OCT Scans

Our ISBI paper was selected for oral presentation at the Eye Imaging Analysis session in ISBI 2019. Hope to see you there!

Machine learning for ophthalmic image analysis

I will present part of my work of ophthalmic image analysis using machine/deep learning techniques as part of the closure event of the Deep Learning for Medical Image Analysis course that Enzo Ferrante is teaching at the University of Buenos Aires.

Retinal blood vessel segmentation in high resolution fundus photographs using automated parameter estimation

I will present my SIPAIM 2017 paper on blood vessel segmentation in retinal images using FC-CRF with feature parameters estimated using linear regression.

Convolutional Neural Network Transfer for Automated Glaucoma Identification

I will present my SIPAIM 2016 paper on glaucoma classification using logistic regression and pre-trained neural networks as feature extractors.